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5 Things You Should Know About Advent Calendar Scam

As the holiday season approaches, more and more people are planning to prepare gifts for their loved ones, you may wanna buy an advent calendar. But next step: where to buy the best advent calendar? You have been doing some searches in Google for « anime advent calendar » and, surprisingly, you found that there […]

5 Awesome Japanese Anime Merch for Fans of Dragon Ball

5 Awesome Japanese Anime Merch for Fans of Dragon Ball

Here’s a warm welcome to all the  Dragon Ball Z fan. For those who are fans of Dragonmball, this blog has excellent deals on various products! It’s got everything from Dragon Ball Shop related to apparel and accessories like shirts and shoes! 1. Majin Vegeta T-Shirt If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, then you’ll love these […]

Unique Holiday Crystal Advent Calendar Make Your Life Shine and Bright

Crystal Advent Calendar Make Your Life Shine and Bright

The National Geographic Crystal Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for kids who love exploring, learning about our world, and sharing their discoveries with others! The advent calendar features 24 mystic crystals, including rose quartz, red jasper, desert rose and blue quartz, snowflake obsidian, pumice, and meteorite specimens. You can use this advent calendar to […]

Pokemon Advent Calendars That Are Worth To Buy In 2022

An advent calendar is a time-honored tradition that involves opening one present each day before your favorite holiday. In modern times, the tradition has evolved into hiding treats and other fun things for kids around the holiday season. Every day, a new item appears inside the box, giving families the chance to discover new tastes, […]

5 Anime Advent Calendars That Help You Countdown To Holidays

5 Anime Advent Calendars That Help You Countdown To Holidays

As the festive season fast approaches So we are planning to pre-sell Halloween Advent Calendar. We were worried that the logistics would be slow during Halloween, I didn’t want to see other people buying things that had already arrived while my customers were still waiting in pain. ?The calendar can be decorated with different holiday […]

What is an Advent Calendar?

An Advent calendar is a very special calendar used to countdown to December 25: The celebration of the birth of Jesus. The Advent calendar tradition supposedly dates back to the 1850s. Some Advent calendars are simple, revealing a picture of a portion of the nativity story behind each tiny door. Some calendars feature a piece […]

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