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Genshin Impact: Cyno, Nilou and other five characters which is more worth to pull?

Genshin Impact launches new characters every time while there is a major version update, from the last new characters debut or a few months ago, now close to vacation, the official re-launch of three new characters, respectively, Cyno, Nilou, Candace. These three characters come from distant desert areas, very unique style dress.

This is divided into two prize pools, so which of these five characters is more worth getting? This article tells you the answer.

1. C6 Cyno are strong & invincible


Cyno is the core five-star main C character in this version, holding a long-handled weapon with Thunder Element, which is second to none in combat, basically belongs to the T0 level, and is born with the protagonist aura.
Cyno’s damage is undeniably high, and it feels very good, slightly better than the fish. Combined with the Kusanali can hit explosive damage, the strength in the field is equal even better than Raiden Shogun.
The only drawback is that the cost is relatively high and requires the cooperation of teammates. It is also difficult to obtain, and small partners should be mentally prepared.
C0 may not be so strong, but C6 is absolutely invincible! Highly recommended to pull it, absolutely Worth it!

2. Nilou is good-looking but not cost-effective


Although Nilou comes from the desert region, her skin is as white as gelatin, and her long burgundy hair is very bright, and she is worthy of the most famous dancer in the local area.
Nilou is positioned as a Hydro Helper who can restore HP to teammates and increase damage. This role is relatively expensive and requires the heart of the sea and the grass god. The strength of the C0 Nilu is average, and if she reaches C6, she may be able to become the first auxiliary, but the upper limit is not high, and it is easy to be surpassed by other auxiliaries. If there are no better supporting roles, it is recommended to pull Nilou. Even if you don’t have to, you can appreciate her beauty, which is also a beautiful view!

3. Candice is very recommended to pull


Candice is a Hydro Auxiliary character who can use shields to ward off damage and can raise shields to defend against a wide range of monsters. This role is very worth getting started, although she is a four-star role, but the role is even better than the average five-star role. The operation is simple and easy to use, and any player can quickly control it. And to increase Candice’s chances of extracting on the day of the event, basically everyone will have this role, which is not alarmist.

Bottom Line: New characters are generally very strong, if there are enough primogems recommended to be pull directly, after all, the new characters have not been played, if you can experience it for the first time is still good. If it were you, which role would you draw?

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