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Welcome to! We are a fast paced, forward thinking, and dynamic internet based Anime Advent Calendar vendor and a global B2C online store. It aims at providing the best solution of commodity procurement for global users. also we are in charge of customers’ terminal retail. Now the scope of products includes periphery products of anime, game and film, crafts and digital products. The catalog of the website product is still in continuous expansion.

We operate from our custom built head office in HongKong, China, which houses the central command station for our entire operation and is responsible for the picking, packing and dispatching of your order, as well as everything before, during and after that process.

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Global end-user commodity retail distribution center and interactive exchange center.


Provide the best commodity procurement solution for global users. Sift products from the position of buyer from all dimensions and angles, including comments of products, product evaluation, product sifting and shopping navigation.


End-user network retail distribution center Continuously expand product categories as demands of customers to satisfy purchasing demands of more users. Improve a series of links including delivery – evaluation – put on shelf – sales – distribution – interaction – feedback – after sales. Shopping mall navigation of boutique products Control product quality from procurement and through the whole process of sales, inventory and delivery. Reduce rate of repair and replacement due to product quality. Improve shopping navigation according to property, brand and usage of commodity. Build up and maintain brand quality according to user’s procurement and feedback. Network coverage of off-line marketing Set up sales centers and after sales centers according to regions and cities of website customers.

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Calendarbox firmly believe that care from friends is friendlier and more intimate than mechanical service. We hope to make friends with our customers, and deepen mutual understanding and trust through continuous talk and communication.

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