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5 Anime Advent Calendars That Help You Countdown To Holidays

5 Anime Advent Calendars That Help You Countdown To Holidays

As the festive season fast approaches So we are planning to pre-sell Halloween Advent Calendar. We were worried that the logistics would be slow during Halloween, I didn’t want to see other people buying things that had already arrived while my customers were still waiting in pain.

anime advent calendar 2022

?The calendar can be decorated with different holiday themes,This custom originated in Lutheranism in Germany in the 19th century, but it has slowly spread to other Christian factions. the race is now on to get the best advent calendars for you and the whole family, here are advent calendar options worth considering this year.

 Halloween Pokémon Advent Calendar

pokemon advent calendar

This holiday season, celebrate Halloween with your favorite Pokémon characters! Each box in this Pokémon advent calendar contains a different gift that celebrates the holiday spirit of each character. Each gift comes complete with an adorable keychain and a colorful envelope to personalize it and make sure everyone knows who received their gift. The product features  24 Gifts Boxes containing 24 Blessings and 24 Surprises. It is a complete  gift set, and a great way to Start holiday Season off Right!

 Christmas Pokémon Advent Calendar

Pokémon Advent Calendar For Christmas 2023

These are beautiful Pokémon boxes for creative kids! Each box has 24 small gifts inside. The first gift will be opened on December 1st, the second on December 2nd, etc. To make it more exciting, 24 big surprise gifts will be hidden inside each box too. This item is perfect for stocking stuffers or for sending as gifts during Christmas time. The Gift boxes can be personalized with name and date of birth.

Naruto Advent Calendar

Halloween naruto advent calendar

Naruto means “Dragon’s Path” in Japanese. It is named after the ninja village where the main protagonist lives. The Naruto Advent calendar features characters from the anime series Naruto. Each one contains 24 pieces of figure and little gift, which are themed to each character. There are also special items such as limited edition figures, posters, and other collectibles.

Dragonball Advent Calendar

Hot Sale Dragon Ball Advent Calendar-01

The Dragon Ball Advent calendar contains 24 small figurines of characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, which can be placed on a wall or displayed as an art piece. Each character in this anime advent calendar has its own story behind it, and some of them even come with their own mini-diorama. The 24 gifts mean that you have plenty to choose from, no matter when you get the calendar.

Demon Slayer Advent Calendar

2022 Demon Slayer Advent Calendar-1

This is a countdown calendar for the anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. The Advent Calendar contains 24 gifts that can be opened when it comes out. Each gift includes a collectible token, which is only available during this special event. Each day will include a special gift based on character traits and the demon-slaying techniques of the main characters.

You need to bring some surprises in your usual life. The Advent Calendar is a good choice!

What is Advent Calendar?

The Advent season is a four week period before Christmas that celebrates the anticipation and coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The tradition of count down calendar days began with a German Christian who wanted to encourage his children to be ready for Christ’s birth on December 25th. He made an advent calendar with 24 windows for each day until Christmas Eve. Each window contained a small gift or treat. This tradition has been passed down through generations ever since.

The world biggest advent calendar town

Today, the advent calendar is still very popular because it allows you to celebrate your favorite holiday all year round. You can start preparing for your favorite holidays early by getting the kids involved in decorating their own advent calendars. They will enjoy opening up the windows every morning to find something new inside!

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